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We transform your vision into results

We are an advisory firm in legal and organizational risk management, which builds legal strategies and executes decisive projects in the operation and results of our clients. We share professional relationships of warmth and trust that generate mutual value. We connect, innovate and strive for the continuity of your business.


  • 2010

    NWe are born in 2010 As a commercial establishment of business legal advice with our legal bases in:





  • What do we do?

    We advise in legal and organizational risk management, we build legal strategies and execute decisive projects in the operation and results of our clients

  • 94%

    We have achieved 94% customer satisfaction in the last 5 years

    Thanks to the interventions made with highly dynamic Companies and Managers, they anticipate the environment and minimize risks in legal matters

  • x2

    The sales of our customers

    grow up to double

    Compared with the growth of its own market as we managed to prevent at the roots, Disadvantages to grow, cooperate and balance value.

  • 60%

    We mitigate up to 60% of the legal risks in operation

    To improve results, it is more effective to invest in strategies that prevent the root causes of problems.

  • 50%

    Through a Design

    Systematic Simple

    We identify litigation that can affect up to 50% of your company's Ebitda

  • 2005

    International Presence through the Consulting Network ICG International Consulting Group.

    Gestión Compartida, attending to their clients’ needs for international growth and positioning in other countries, has finalized an agreement as correspondent of the ICG Colombia holding, thereby extending the frontiers of our services to similar firms in size and service in 19 countries. It brings great pride to our firm to work with outstanding services in such decisive matters, such as business implementations minimizing the companies’ risks.